Heavier drill rods


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Drill collar is in the lowest part of the drill pipe, and is the main component of the lower drilling tool combination.

Heavier drill rods
  • Heavier drill rods

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We can supply you with square or hexagonal drill pipe.

Drill pipe is a steel pipe with a threaded end that is used to connect the surface equipment of a drilling rig to the drill milling equipment or bottom hole device located at the bottom end of the drilled shaft. The purpose of the drill pipe is to transport drilling mud to the drill bit and to raise, lower or rotate the bottom hole device with the drill bit. Drill pipe must be able to withstand great internal and external pressure, twisting, bending and vibration. Drill pipes can be used several times during the extraction and refining of oil and gas. Drill pipes are divided into three categories: square drill pipes, drill pipes and weighted drill pipes. The connection order is square drill pipe (1 piece) + drill pipe (n pieces, determined by the depth of the well) + weighted drill pipe (n pieces, determined by the design of the combination of drilling tools). The classification of drill pipe, drill pipe joints, drill pipe specifications, and steel grade and strength of drill pipe are described in detail.


Drill pipe is a basic component of the drill column. Its main function is to transmit torque and transport drilling fluid, and to deepen the borehole by the gradual lengthening of the drill pipe. Therefore, drill pipe plays a very important role in oil drilling.


The structure of drill pipe is made of steel pipe with wall thickness of 9~11mm; it consists of two parts: the pipe body and the joint of the drill pipe; the pipe body and the joint are butt-welded together by friction welding.

Weighted Drill Pipe

Weighted drill pipe is similar to petroleum drill pipe, which is also a kind of hollow steel column with a length of about 10 meters. However, the single weight is heavier than petroleum drill pipe, and the wall thickness is 2 to 3 times of the drill pipe. The weighted drill pipe is connected between the drill pipe and the drill collar to prevent fatigue damage due to the change of drilling tool string cross-section, and it can be used to replace a part of the role of the drill collar, but it is simple to suspend, and easy to start and stop drilling, and it can save the time of starting and stopping drilling.

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Heavier drill rods

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