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Production method of top drive safety valve protection joint for oil drilling

Top drive protection connector
  • Top drive protection connector

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Production method of top drive safety valve protection joint for oil drilling

Relating to the technical field of drilling in the petroleum industry, and particularly relating to top drive safety valve protection joints for oil drilling.

At present, top drive drilling system in oil drilling is increasingly popularized and applied for its advantages of high efficiency, time-saving in column drilling, low risk of continuous rotation and circulation, favoring well control, and high safety. The safety joint in the system is located between the lower end of the top drive lower safety valve and the upper end of the drill pipe, which is connected by threads. The safety joint is a safety protection joint in the drilling column circulation system, and it is an important auxiliary drilling tool to protect the top drive safety valve.

In the process of drilling, mud filtration is required. Generally speaking, the drilling fluid filtering device is placed at the root of the inner thread of the drill pipe, which is supported by the chamfer inside the drill pipe, with a large clearance and needs to be manually taken out and placed every time when the drill is started to be lowered, which is poor in filtration and low in working efficiency. Moreover, for the high torsion-resistant double-step drill pipe, it is not possible to place the filtering cartridge, and often, in order to filter mud, filters are added in the lower part of the safety coupling between the lower part of the safety coupling and the drill pipe. In order to filter the mud, the filter is often added between the lower part of the safety joint and the drill pipe, which is inconvenient to operate and use, low productivity, and increases the safety hazard of drilling operations, and has a great impact on drilling operations.

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Top drive protection connector

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