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International labor export

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Company profile
  Xincheng Labor Service Immigration Corporation was established in 2014. After several years of development, it has grown into a global professional international service company, and has grown into a leader in Australian immigration, education and other fields. Students and families have achieved the Australian dream. Xincheng Labor Service Immigration, as the leader of labor dispatch companies, has established long-term stable cooperative relations with many countries. The company has an industry team composed of outstanding professionals, dedicated to providing professional services such as labor immigration consultation, visa processing and so on. Xincheng Labor Service Immigration Services runs through all walks of life in Australia, Asia, and across all continents, in order to meet every need of customers.
  The company focuses on the labor, study abroad, and immigration of Chinese citizens. The company's office address is located in the Dongying Employment and Entrepreneurship Center. Senior consultants with ten years of overseas work experience provide customers with one-to-one high-quality consulting services. Adhering to the concept of "integrity service, customer first", we serve each customer with heart and soul. According to customer needs, we successfully build a successful bridge for customers to study, live and develop abroad.
Dispatch Advantage
1. Better protect the legitimate rights and interests of workers.
  The personnel relationship of the dispatched personnel belongs to the dispatching unit. If the legitimate rights and interests of the dispatched personnel are violated or treated unfairly during the employment of the employing unit, after verification, the dispatching unit is responsible for safeguarding the rights and interests of the dispatched personnel in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
2. The working age of workers can be calculated continuously.
  If the dispatched person's contract expires, if the contract is no longer renewed, the personnel relationship can still be represented by the dispatched company, and the working age can be calculated continuously. His labor information is entered into the company's talent information database, and employment is preferred.
3.Get more comprehensive and thoughtful services.
  Human resources companies have professional human resource consultants, which provide more convenient and high-quality personnel agency and career development consulting services for dispatched personnel.
4. Conducive to protecting the legitimate rights and interests of individuals.
  The dispatching company can effectively supervise the employing unit to standardize the employment system, provide necessary labor safety and health conditions for dispatching personnel, pay social insurance funds on time, and fully protect the legitimate rights and interests of dispatched personnel.