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About Us


Originality, innovation and creation
  Xincheng Petro cherishes the originality in every job, innovation of technologies and service models, and in-depth creation on the front line. Xincheng Petro encourages every employee to make “originality, innovation and creation” in each link, so that Xincheng Petro will be full of vitality.
Helping others
  It has been Xincheng’s corporate mission to help others succeed for long. Xincheng Petro is committed to building an open platform shared by multiple parties, with which Xincheng can grow together and share fruits with its employees, while develop and cooperate with business partners.
  Help others succeed ......
  Help others succeed by making oil exploration easier.
  Help others succeed to allow people to live better.
  Help others succeed from every detail.
  Help others succeed for our own success.